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Saint Lucia - “A small country but it certainly punches above its Weight”

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Congratulations from the United Kingdom of Great Britain

Monday, 16 February 2009 – The government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain  and Northern Ireland, extended congratulations to the government and people of Saint Lucia on the occasion of the island’s 30th anniversary of Independence.  The Resident British Commissioner Karl Burrows, emphasised that 30 years is a significant milestone in Saint Lucia’s history.

“As with any young nation there have been difficulties and pitfalls along the way. Unfortunately, more energy is usually spent focussing on these. But on this momentous occasion, and with this year’s independence theme of  “A Journey to be Proud of; A Future to Look Forward to” in mind, one should admire the progress the people of Saint Lucia have made since 1979.”

The government of the United Kingdom, explained that Saint Lucia has strong democratic values. “It has attracted – and continues to attract – significant foreign direct investment; it has established a successful tourism product and has seen an impressive rise in its tourist industry, which relies on its friendly, adaptable, resilient people and its outstanding natural beauty –  natural beauty such as the majestic Pitons, which achieved worldwide fame after being named a World Heritage Site in 2004. Worldwide fame too in the truly remarkable achievement of 2 Nobel prize winners, both of whom have been honoured since independence. More Nobel Laureates per capita than any other nation on earth is quite a claim. And more recently, Darren Sammy became the first Saint Lucian to play for the West Indies cricket team, making a sensational and immediate impact in his 7-wicket Test debut against England, as well as during the recent Stanford 20/20 tournament.”

“Saint  Lucia might be a small country, but it certainly punches above its weight.

The UK and Saint Lucia have enjoyed a long and historical friendship, and we share an excellent bilateral relationship.

The Government of the United Kingdom looks forward to continuing efforts to strengthen our countries' friendship and cooperation, and to working closely to promote our common values of good governance, respect for human rights, and the rule of law, helping to ensure a legacy of prosperity, security and stability for Saint Lucia.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the people of Saint Lucia on the 30th anniversary of independence, and offer my best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous future,” the Resident Commissioner said.

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