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Government of Saint Lucia expreses profound gratitude to government and people of Taiwan

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Contact: Darnley Lebourne

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 – The government of Saint Lucia is issuing this statement as a deliberate and public expression of its profound appreciation for the assistance and friendship demonstrated to date by the Government of Taiwan to the Government of Saint Lucia. Government is proud of its association with the Government of Taiwan, which has facilitated mutually beneficial initiatives and exchanges between our people. The assistance provided by the Government of Taiwan since the formalization of diplomatic relationships in 2008 has had far reaching and core impact on the economic and social fabric of our nation. It is the kind of assistance which has touched the lives of many Saint Lucians and has helped to significantly enhance our landscape particularly in the rural areas of our Country. The Government of Taiwan with the collaboration and partnership of the Government of Saint Lucia has introduced projects, which can best be described as far-reaching and sustainable.

Government is convinced that the friendship and assistance of the Taiwanese is one which is one which is not couched in the securing of narrow self interest, but instead is based on strengthening our ability to be self-reliant, industrious, technologically competent and proud citizens of the world community. It is now clear to most Saint Lucians that the contributions made by the Taiwanese in three (3) years far outstrips and easily dwarfs that made by the Communist Government of China in the nine (9) year period – 1997 to 2006. The Taiwanese extension of friendship has impacted almost every major sector of our society. The areas impacted are: Agriculture, Education and Technology, Health, Eco Tourism, Youth & Sports, Business and Entrepreneurial Development and Community/Social Development projects. With respect to community and social projects over one thousand (1000) grass-roots projects have been implemented within a period of eighteen (18) months.

Despite the numerous accusations, attacks and veil threats from the Opposition and their detractors, the Government of Taiwan has set about its mission of cooperation assistance with the highest degree of dignity, integrity and respect. The projects implemented to date through the assistance of the Taiwanese have all been executed based on guidelines formulated by the Taiwanese Embassy in Saint Lucia. These guidelines provide for transparent application and disbursement procedures. Below is a summary of projects implemented through Taiwanese assistance:

1.Agricultural Projects on Agriculture

  • Tissue Culture Development Union Phase I and II
  • Orchid Project
  • Aquaculture Development Project
  • Meat Processing Facility (MPF) Project
  • Assistance for Greenhouse Vegetable Production

2.Education and Technology

  • National ICT Center
  • Taiwan Scholarships
  • Computer Donation to Schools and Institutions
  • e-Government Project, as well as assistance in establishment of similar undertakings in e-Transportation, e-Police and e-Agriculture Projects

3.Health Projects

  • The Rehabilitation of the Pediatric and the Gynecology Wards at Victoria Hospital
  • Saint Lucia National Psychiatric Wellness Center
  • Procurement of Medical Equipment for Victoria Hospital
  • Providing Master Plan for discussion by Officials re: rebuilding of Saint Jude Hospital

4.Eco-tourism Projects

  • Pigeon Island Pier Construction Project (Tourism Project)
  • Birding in Saint Lucia Phase I, II, and III (Education and Bio-tourism Project)

5.Youth and Sport Development Projects

  • Upgrading of George Oldum Stadium in preparation for the hosting of Carifta Games in April, 2009.
  • Initiation of National Tennis Center Project at Beausejour, Gros Islet.

6. Business Projects

  • Saint Lucia and Taiwan Partnership Trade Exhibition 2008 and 2009
  • Aid for Trade Seminar

The listing above is certainly not exhaustive and serves to confirm the substantial input made by the Government of Taiwan to our nation’s growth and development. The recent televising of a twenty seven (27) minute documentary on local television networks showcasing the contribution of the Taiwanese over the past year was very instructive and provided tangible evidence of the phenomenal contribution of the Taiwanese to date.

The Government of Taiwan through Ambassador Tom Chou has demonstrated in a very pronounced way the value of their friendship to the Government and people of Saint Lucia. Government therefore is both comfortable and confident in speaking on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia in registering our deepest appreciation and in celebrating the friendship and contribution of Taiwan to the development of our beloved nation.
Darnley Lebourne
Press Secretary

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