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Fathers called on to take parenting role seriously

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Contact: Shannon Lebourne


Thursday, December 3, 2009  Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation, Youth and Sports Mr Donovan Williams, has called on parents to lead by example and be positive role models for their children.


Mr Williams made the call at a recently held Parenting Conference held under the theme, “Parents Protecting the Next Generation”.


The permanent secretary says, in a society polarised with foreign and negative influences, good and committed parents are critical to the success and development of children.


“Parenting should be a joy not a burden; parenting should be about evolving and growing just as your children evolve and grow. I think we all know that children learn most from what they see, so I think we need to use this fact to create positive change to nurture the kind of warmth, goodness and love that they need.”


In assessing the framework in which parenting exists here in Saint Lucia, Magistrate Justice Ann Marie Smith, says there is need for discussion on proper penalties to deter people from treating children contrary to law and public decency.


She says the authorities must also ensure that legislation that protects children is enforced.


The magistrate also emphasised the need for more Saint Lucian men to step up and play their roles as fathers.


“When I get young men before me for sentencing and I look at the pre-centre report, all of them have a missing or absent father, therefore something has to be done.  I don't know what the problem is or why the men are not stepping up to their obligation and fulfilling their role as fathers and mentors, but something has to be done.”


Justice Smith says parenting is a full time job that both fathers and mothers must take seriously.


She says the future and development of a child is largely dependant on the quality of parenting he or she receives.

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