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Government newspaper supplement gets new name

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Contact: Chris Satney


Thursday, August 27, 2009 – Government has ensured the continuation of a newspaper supplement that it hopes will do much to keep the public informed on its policies and projects.


The publication named  “National Review” is the responsibility of  the Government’s Public Information Coordinator Rhikki Alexander.


“The purpose of the paper is to continue to provide insight into government policies in various areas, to articulate how thee policies will be implemented and to provide an update on projects and targets, to provide timely information on community and other activities to highlight the work of the various ministries and agencies,” said Mr. Alexander at a press launch of the supplement,” he said.


The fortnightly publication, according to Mr. Alexander, will also ensure that in this era of economic dilemma, misinformation does not derail the process that will direct the country through this crisis.


“It is hoped that by providing all the information public opinion will be more informed by reliable data.  It will serve to improve the discussion on all issues.  The intention is to ensure the people can access more readily that our government is achieving the target it has set in relation to the budget and other policies that it has articulated,” Mr. Alexander said.


The first issue of the National Review will be published in the August 29th issue of the Saint Lucia Star.

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