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Police Officers Misled on Pensions

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Contact: The Office of the Press Secretary

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 - It has been drawn to the attention of the Office of the Prime Minister that there is widespread belief among Police Officers that they are now required to retire at the age of sixty five years. This belief is erroneous.

The pension rights of police officers who were employed prior to 2003 are governed by the Pensions Act, Chapter 15.26, Laws of Saint Lucia. The Government of Saint Lucia has not amended the sections of the Act that apply to Police Officers.

It is correct that Police Officers who are recruited after 2003, will have their pensions paid by the N.I.S. However, it cannot be in the public interest to employ Police Officers who are sixty five years of age.

Consequently, the Government of Saint Lucia has absolutely no intention to increase the pensionable age of Police Officers to sixty-five years.

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