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Government Approves Reclassification of Police Officers

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Monday, October 30, 2006 - The Government of Saint Lucia has agreed to reclassify posts in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. The Grades currently in force in the Public Service will be extended to the posts in the Police Force.

The Government has agreed as follows:

1. The reclassification of the following posts within the existing Classification and Pay Plan of the Public Service, effective 1st November, 2006:

(a) Inspector - Grade 12
(b) Sergeant - Grade 10
(c) Corporal - Grade 8

2. The creation of a stream of Constables as follows, effective 1st November, 2006:

(a) Senior Constable - Grade 7
(b) Police Constable II - Grade 6
(c) Police Constable I - Grade 5

3. The reclassification of the following Gazetted Ranks within the existing Classification and Pay Plan of the Public Service, effective 1st April, 2007:

(a) Assistant Commissioner of Police - Grade 18
(b) Superintendent - Grade 16
(c) Assistant Superintendent - Grade 14

The salary levels of the Commissioner of Police and the Deputy are determined by the Salaries Review Commission.

The Government also agreed that:

1. For the purpose of commencing the classification exercise on 1st November, 2006 Constables are to be assigned to the various grades based on years of service. Thereafter, movements through the grades will be based on clear performance criteria; and

Constables of less than five years shall be classified as Constable 1. Constables more than five years service but less than ten years will be classified as Constable II, while Constables over ten years service will be classified as Senior Constables.

2. A Constable may, regardless of his or her grade, be promoted to a Corporal once eligibility and performance criteria in the Promotion Regulations are satisfied.

The Attorney General has been directed to amend Section 4 of the Police Act to reflect the ranks of Senior Constable, Police Constable II and Police Constable 1.

The reclassification of Police Officers is expected to add a further $2.9 million dollars to the annual wage bill of the Government.

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