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NEMO's Annual Call for Disaster Plans

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Thursday, May 11, 2006 - In what has become an annual event the NEMO Secretariat is triggering its National call for Business Disaster Plans.

Disaster Management is not only about hurricanes, but it is also about securing the corporate activities of businesses. Statistics shows that fifty percent (50%) of companies that suffer an internal disaster (e.g. fire, computer virus attacks) do not reopen for business. This is mainly as a result of the absence of a plan to continue operations after the event.

Additionally, in light of the implementation of the CSME together with the fact that many companies trade on the Security Exchange it has now become necessary for businesses to assure their investors that there are procedures in place to secure their business and one of the essential things to have in place is a “Continuity of Operations Plan”, meaning “Continuing a business after a hazard has impacted”. The objective is to introduce Disaster Management as a component of Business Planning.

NEMO, however does not focus its attention on commercial houses only. “Every intuition has an obligation to ensure that its people and property are taken care of.” Dawn French, Director of NEMO says. “This is why we have worked with Embassies, Churches, Press-Schools, Farmers and Boat Owners.” In the coming months NEMO will work with the Airports as it prepares for the annual simulation as well as hospitals and Banks. It is the mandate of NEMO and; the moral and financial obligation to be prepared for what may come.

In light of the above, and in keeping with the Employees [Occupational Health and Safety] Act No. 10 of 1985 and a number of other Statutory Instruments NEMO repeats its call for Disaster Plans to be submitted.

Hurricane Ivan in Grenada, the Dominica Earthquake of 2004 together with the Guyana Floods of 2005 illustrate in a tangible manner the need for a Continuity of Operations Plan.

Miss French lamented the fact that too many small businesses are not taking the threat of losing their business to a disaster seriously.

Should assistance be required for the writing or reviewing such a plan the NEMO Secretariat stands ready to assist.

NEMO may be contacted at (758) 452-3802

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