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Traffic and Security Systems for 2007 World Cup Cricket Hosting being Fined-tuned

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Contact: Chris Satney

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 – World Cup Cricket St. Lucia Incorporated will, over the next few weeks, be focusing on the major systems to be implemented for the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The May 10th 2006, Day/Night contest between the West Indies and Zimbabwe will provide a unique opportunity to test and implement the various traffic and security systems that will ensure the efficient hosting of World Cup matches in 2007.

For that match, vehicular passes for residents of Beausejour, Bonneterre and Kay Manje, areas - in the immediate vicinity of the Beausejour Cricket Ground - will be distributed. Communications Officer with World Cup Cricket St. Lucia Incorporated Jennifer Gaston said in order for this to be accomplished, a verification exercise will first have to be conducted in these areas.

“The residence passes will not be for residents because you are living there; it will be for vehicular passes. It is not a matter of my sister, my mother or my brother will be coming to visit that day and therefore we will need a vehicular pass for that person. It is only the resident who owns the vehicle who will be getting those passes,” said Gaston.

The security management systems which will involve bomb checks, stop-offs and the park and ride facility, she said, will have some impact on residents, and her office being cognisant of this, will continue to sensitize the communities involved on what they should know before the May 10th 2006 match between West Indies and Zimbabwe.

“There are lots of residents who don't own cars - they have to go to work, they have go about their regular business. It's not everyone who is interested in cricket, and we have taken that into consideration. There are known shuttle buses that drive through the Kay Manje, that drive through the Beausejour area, and we will verify that and issue them with the necessary security passes, so they can do their business in terms of regular transportation of regular residents,” the World Cup Cricket Incorporated Official said.

A system analysis exercise which will follow the May 10th International Cricket match at the Beausejour Cricket Ground, she said, will give the Local Organizing Committee a clear indication of what areas need to be tightened ahead of the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.

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