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Saint Lucia's Poverty Assessment moves ahead

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - The Ministry of Social Transformation, Culture & Local Government will next week host two important workshops as part of the training component of the 2005/2006 Poverty Assessment (CPA) exercise which is currently nearing completion. The first Country Poverty Assessment for Saint Lucia was conducted in 1995.

The workshops will review two of the major components of the current Country Poverty Assessment exercise; the Participatory Poverty Assessment and the Survey of Living Conditions.

The Participatory Poverty Assessment is an exercise which targets deprived communities to collect specific information about how community members perceive, define and experience economic and social deprivation and how they cope and sustain their livelihoods. It also seeks to obtain their views and suggestions about intervention strategies to improve their living conditions.

The Survey of Living Conditions is an instrument used to collect specific information from a sample of households so as to obtain a picture of living conditions in the country. The survey focused on the household which is the critical unit of analysis in poverty assessment. This household survey entailed in-depth interviews of representatives of households on demographic and other information, as well as income and expenditure of the household.

The workshop will provide opportunities for research facilitators to share and reflect on their experiences in the field and to identify lessons learnt during the research process. In addition, members of the National Assessment Team will review and analyze the key findings of the Assessment in preparation for production of the final report.

The 2005 Country Poverty Assessment was conducted over a nine month period with support from the Caribbean Development Bank. The overall objective of the Country Poverty Assessment is to assess the current conditions affecting the welfare of people and to identify policies, strategies and action programmes that would reduce the extent and severity of poverty within the country.


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