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Chausee Road now open to Traffic

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006 – Chausee Road is now open to two-way traffic after works to install a water main along that street was completed Tuesday June 6th, 2006. Drainage works on the Chausee had been completed for months now, but the opening of the route was delayed because of problems experienced with the replacement of the WASCO main.

According to Project Manager Mandish Singh, who is also the Director of the Halcrow Group, workmen were busy Tuesday afternoon completing paving works to make the road more motorable.

“That would be the majority, I would say, 95% of the work done on the Chausee. There are a few remedial pieces of work remaining to be done, some drain inlets where we need to install some grills, but that would not at all interfere with the traffic during the installation of those grills,” Singh said.

Workmen is now focussing on works to be undertaken on the Darling Road as well as drainage works on Jn. Baptiste Street. Mr. Singh anticipates that all works on the Castries Flood Mitigation Project should be completed by the end of July.

“The works on the Darling which, in the next two weeks we are hoping to commence, will involve the raising of Darling Road and the installation of flood pipes as well as cleaning and refurbishing of the existing culvert under Darling Road with the junction of Jn Baptiste Street. So it is quite critical that we've gotten this piece of work behind us so we can move forward with the last part of the works,” said the Director of the HALCRO Group.

The flood mitigation project was designed to deal with the problems of flooding in that area. Apart from the installation of drains along Jn Baptiste Street and the elevation of Darling Road, a retention pond, to collect much of the water from smaller drains, was constructed in the George the Fifth Park. This is expected to ease the pressures on existing drains during heavy rains.

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