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Saint Lucians called upon to show Greater Care for Government Property

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006 – The island's Minister for Social Transformation, Culture and Local Government has made an appeal for citizens to treat public facilities with better care and respect.

Honourable Menissa Rambally was at the time giving her support to a Disaster Management Bill which went before Parliament on Tuesday 27th June 2006.

Miss Rambally encouraged the public to treat government property as they would their own possessions. She said those same facilities that are being abused play a vital role in the society, especially during and in the aftermath of a disaster.

“We have the perception or the notion in our society that these public facilities are 'bagay gouvedman,' and this thinking takes away the responsibility from the community. So you find that in some communities it is OK to break down the windows and doors of community centres, because sometimes we do not recognise the importance of these public facilities,” said Minister Rambally.

The minister also highlighted the fact that many in the Saint Lucian society show appreciation for and do their part to ensure public facilities are protected from the destructive hands of the irresponsible few. “I still believe that within our society there is that spirit of collaboration, there is that spirit of wanting to support and assist each other. And if within some communities that spirit is being lost then we need to dig down and find it, because it is necessary for community building and it is necessary for protection of our society,” said the Social Transformation Minister.

The Disaster Management Act, which the minister was at the time giving her support to, re-establishes the National Emergency Management Organization NEMO and makes it the authentic voice on natural disasters on the island.

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