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PM Orders Review of Responses to Crimes Committed Against Visitors

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Contact: Prime Minister's Press Secretary

Wednesday, July 19, 2006  - Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony has ordered an immediate review of procedures adopted by government agencies following crimes committed against visitors to the island.

The Prime Minister ordered the review following a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Tourism and the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA).

According to the Prime Minister: “It is clear that crimes committed against visitors can have dire consequences for the visitors -- and indeed, for all of us. Aggrieved visitors have a capacity to vent their anger on the Internet, thus causing severe damage to our reputation.”

“Our Police Force, in particular,” he added, “has to be sensitized to better follow-up on crimes against visitors, as this is where the major break-down takes place.”

“Equally,” he added, “the roles of the respective agencies involved in following up on crimes committed, need to be clarified.”

Prime Minister Anthony said: “Visitors to the island need to be reassured that they are not being neglected by our law officers.”

He explained: “The need for sensitivity applies, not only to the visitors, but also to all of our citizens who are victims of crime. They too need to be reassured that their concerns are being addressed.”

Prime Minister Anthony reiterated that “our tourism industry is so important to our economy and to our national development that we all have to be as concerned about attacks on visitors as we are about crimes against citizens.”

The Prime Minister said: “It is important for all Saint Lucians to understand that one single incident can have grave consequences for all of us.”

He urged that “the objective of all of us, including the law enforcement agencies and related bodies, must be to create a safe environment in Saint Lucia for ourselves, that visitors can also enjoy.”

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