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The General Public Called Upon Once Again to Support the Ongoing Enumeration Exercise

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Contact: Chris Satney

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 – Chief Elections Officer Carson Raggie is again encouraging the general public to cooperate with enumerators of an ongoing house to house enumeration exercise.

Mr. Raggie says though some members of the general public may consider some of the questions as being strange, the information is important for the revision of the electoral register and registration for access to health care services under the Universal Health Care Programme, when it comes on stream.

“Registration is voluntary in particular registration to vote, and if you do you do not wish to be registered or to be verified there are procedures and processes that will take place so as to enable the department to either get information other than what you have provided them with or put you where you ought to be but the only way your name will be deleted is when you have died or when you have left the country for the period stipulated by law,” Mr. Raggie said.

He says persons who refuse the enumerators are doing so at their own risk as they will not be issued with the new National ID Cards, which will become vital in the new CSME environment and for access to services under the UHC.

“So if you do not wish to apply for that national ID Card it is totally up to you. When the opportunity comes and you do not have a National ID Card, then you would be able to access the Universal Healthcare which will be introduce. So it is entirely up to the person. If the person do not want to cooperate, then at some stage will have to come back to the office or to a registration centre to obtain that national ID,” Mr. Raggie said.

The new, free of charge, identification card will is embedded with additional security features to combat identify theft. The card holder will also be able to travel freely to countries within CARICOM using that document.

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