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PM says UWP Leader Way Off Target on CSME

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Monday, January 9, 2005 - Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony says UWP Leader Sir John Compton's claim that the Government has not been discussing the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) with St. Lucians is either an indication that he is suffering from memory loss or more proof that, the New Year notwithstanding, he continues to engage in political deceit.

Prime Minister Anthony was responding to a statement by Sir John last weekend to the effect that the Government has not been engaging in consultation on the CSME.

But the Prime Minister says: “Sir John has either forgotten or is being dishonest about the facts.”

Prime Minister Anthony recalled that matters relating to the CSME were raised in the 2005 Throne Speech delivered by Her Excellency the Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy, to both Houses of Parliament in a Joint Sitting early in 2005.

He recalled that “the Governor General indicated at the time, in both English and Kweyol, that the Government of St. Lucia would be introducing the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Movement of Factors Bill to Parliament during its current session.”

The PM recalled that Her Excellency indicated the legislation was required “to allow CARICOM nationals to exercise the right of establishment, the right to provide services and the right to move capital into and out of St. Lucia, particularly where such transfers originate or terminate in other member-states of the Caribbean Community.”

The Governor General explained: “This will require amendments to several related pieces of legislation governing Freedom of Movement, Alien's Landholding Licenses and trade licenses, company ownership and structure, and micro and small businesses.”

The Prime Minister indicated that “in keeping with the due notice given by her Excellency, “related legislation to give full expression to the CSME through the elimination of discrimination between St. Lucians and other CARICOM nationals is currently before parliament for consideration and has already gone through its first reading.”

Regarding Sir John's claim that the implications of the CSME have not been discussed with the people by Government, the Prime Minister recalled that “the Government of St. Lucia two years ago established a special CSME Task Force, which has since then been engaging different sectors in discussions in preparation for the CSME.”

“In addition,” the PM said, “Sir John should know that the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Titus Preville, has over the past year been spearheading the Government's public relations drive on the CSME.”

The Prime Minister said: “Against this background, for Sir John to make the claims he did in his Press Release, is a sure indication that he is either suffering from a terrible case of memory loss, or more proof that, a New Year notwithstanding, the UWP Leader continues to engage in political deceit.”

Prime Minister Anthony only last weekend reiterated St. Lucia's commitment to the CSME, indicating that while St. Lucia was mindful of the concerns expressed by member-states of the OECS about issues to be addressed prior to full accession to the CSME, and while the legislative process is yet to be completed, he will nevertheless be attending the signing ceremony formalising the establishment of the CSME later this month in Jamaica.

The Prime Minister said his attendance at the ceremony “is intended to serve as a clear statement of St. Lucia's commitment to the CSME.”

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