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World Cup Incorporated to intiate training in Duckworth/Lewis Method

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006 – Planning, Logistics, Transportation, Training are but a few key areas on the busy agenda of World Cup Cricket Incorporated but the organizers give the assurance that shoulders are to the wheel and everything is on course.

In the process, officers continue to seize opportunities to sharpen their skills in order to best execute their duties. Only recently World Cup Incorporated sent two officers to St. John's Antigua to attend the Cricket Operations Forum.

Roland Cox Project Officer and Dennis James – Cricket Operations Manager both claim the experience was extremely productive. Cox said the workshop dwelled on the Duckworth/ Lewis Method as a main topic, and the other area was Cricket Operations.

“That workshop was actually held for persons who would be employed by Cricket World Cup during these matches, for example that person would be the Duckworth/ Lewis match manager and he would be responsible for working out the revised targets and distributing the print outs to all the appropriate persons.”

Cox noted, that of the two approaches to using the system, manual or the computerised version, the latter version will be used during the World Cup. As such individuals will be trained to specifically implement the Duckworth/Lewis system.

“My intention is to train as many persons as possible because we have umpires, we have scorers, even the scoreboard operator, even the public address announcer should know should know a little bit about it and it is my intention to know that,” Cox said.

Game officials, statisticians, Cricket Operations Managers and Duckworth Lewis Match Managers from across the region attended the forum which is part of the roll-out phase as the region prepares for ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007.

The seminar was conducted by Messrs Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis. The Duckworth Lewis system is used for calculating the result of weather affected, interrupted or abandoned one-day games.

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