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CSME Bill thrashed out in the House

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Wednesday, February 8, 2006 – A bill which seeks to clear the way for St. Lucia's entry into the CARICOM Single Market was passed at a sitting of parliament on Tuesday. The Caribbean Community of Factors Bill is one of remaining adjustments needed by St. Lucia in order to fully comply with the provisions of the CSME agreement.

Six countries of the CARICOM grouping signed on to the Single Market component of the agreement last month, with St. Lucia and other countries of the OECS opting for a June approval of participation.

At Tuesday's Sitting, Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony said despite the island's decision to side with the OECS, St. Lucia is ready to become part of the arrangement.

“There can be no doubt that there will be consequences and adjustments to make. There can be no doubt that the people of St. Lucia will eventually benefit-and the word “eventually” is carefully selected because it will invite “when”. “We are beginning to see the signs because a number of St. Lucians have already used the legal framework allowing for the movement of skilled persons, of artists, of media personnel, to seek employment elsewhere in the region.”

Parliament at Tuesday's Sitting of the House of Assembly, via a resolution, gave authorisation to the Attorney General to bring into effect a part or parts of the Revised Laws in an order and at a time he deems fit.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony briefly indicated that published versions of the revised edition of the laws of Saint Lucia was enjoying wide circulation among law practitioners and the general public.

The Prime Minister however noted that the laws cannot be formally quoted before coming into effect. The last revision of the laws of Saint Lucia was conducted in 1957.

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