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2006 Inter-Schools' Debating Championship

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Thursday, February 2, 2006 - Plans are well on the way for the hosting of the 2006 Inter-Schools’ Debating Championship scheduled to commence on February 21st, 2006. In preparation for this event, all debaters and debate coaches have been invited to a ‘Public Speaking Training workshop’ scheduled for 9:00 am on Monday 6th February at the Cara Suites Hotel.

The Debating Championship is being hosted by The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development Youth & Sports. This activity is expected to provide an avenue for exposure of youth from the various schools at the national level, promote the ideals of participation in youth programmes to young persons at school, highlight the views of youth on pertinent youth and national issues, showcase school age young persons to their schools and the wider society and provide opportunities for young persons who have participated in the National Schools’ Debating Championship to be highly considered for the annual National Youth Parliament.
Twenty schools including two post-primary, one senior Primary and 17 Secondary Schools have registered to participate.

The debate will comprise four rounds, each of which shall focus on a different theme.

bulletRound 1:Independence, civics, ethics and youth direction
bulletRound 2:Health and environmental issues affecting youth
bulletRound 3-Sporting and youth organizational issues whilst the finals will assess current national socio-economic issues in tourism, agriculture, law and order, education etc.

To apply please fill out the application form and fax your entry to (758) 453-6672

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