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Saint Lucia Implements New Travel Regulations

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006 - Patience and calm is the best attitude for Saint Lucian travelers to display at this time that Caribbean Airports including in Saint Lucia's are implementing the newest set of security measures for the traveling public.

Minister for Tourism Honorable Philip J. Pierre on Friday, August11th, said he understands that such transitions can create feelings of inconvenience and concern for locals and visitors alike, however the Minister says these are the shocks the tourism industry cannot control.

We received some correspondence about very stringent security measures. In that light I want to implore Saint Lucians to be very patient because the delays will be long, since they are very stringent measures. You can't travel with any liquids, except medicines and baby formula. It's going to be a hassle. We want to ask Saint Lucians to be patient. I want to tell our visitors that this is not our making, it's a situation that we have no control over.

The much stiffer set of security measures will now require quick firmiliarization by travelers and the aviation sector who are expected to comply with over ten new regulations.

The most recent beefing up of airport security followed what international reports say was a foiled attempt by terrorists to bomb a number of airlines en route from the United Kingdom to the United States.

Some of the items passengers can now travel with in transparent hand luggage are medication, pocket size wallets, identity cards, keys and travel documents. Items such as baby formula and food are allowed along with sanitary essentials.

Meantime persons traveling to the US are informed that the United States Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration has advised that effective immediately liquids or gels of any size will not be allowed onto planes. These include beverages, shampoo, skin lotion, toothpaste and hair gel. Such items may be transported in checked baggage only.

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