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OECS on Early Publicity Drive for OECS-Eastern Caribbean Rally

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006 – The OECS Secretariat has embarked on an early publicity drive in preparation for the 2nd OECS/ Eastern Caribbean Yacht Rally.

The Secretariat is of the view that early sensitization will provide citizens with sufficient preparation time, so they can better capitalize on the opportunities that the December event will bring to St. Lucia's shores.

Communications Officer of the OECS Secretariat Raymond O'Keiffe says by December 28th the OECS, Guadeloupe and Martinique should be fully sensitized to be participate in making the event as economically beneficial and enjoyable as the first event in 2004.

“It's important for the message to be sent out pretty early for a number of reasons including the fact that that there are persons who are unaware that this event is taking place and so they can try to maximise the business opportunities available by ensuring that they moorings are all ready, throughout the OECS member countries. They can also consider selling various products when these yachters arrive in the respective OECS member countries.”

Many of the yachts hail from the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, a proven viable market for the region.

“The Atlantic Rally Cruisers is a very important factor in this event because most of the competitors in the Atlantic rally for cruisers the ARC race they are actually approached to take part in the OECS?/EC Yacht rally. Several of those participants in the ARC race stayed and took EC Yacht rally and they really took opportunity of the advantage so to speak, to sail beyond St. Lucia,” O'Keiffe said.

The OECS Eastern Caribbean Yacht Rally is a collaborative effort among the OECS Secretariat, the Ministries of Tourism and the Marine Associations in the OECS member countries. These entities can also be contacted for further information on the upcoming yacht rally.

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