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Quality Assurance in Health remains a Priority for Government

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 - Work on a Quality Management System for the island’s health sector is said to be at an advanced stage. The Quality Management System provides a scientific step-by-step mechanism to ensure, within the health sector, the achievement of continuous improvement, reduction of errors, and reduction of variation of service which will cause wastage.

A Quality Assurance Committee headed by the Director of the Bureau of Standards Dr. Allison Plumber is facilitating the formulation of the health standards by advising and making recommendations on systems that would allow for sustainable quality care in the island’s Health Sector.

Dr. Plumber says quality can no longer be an attribute of competition but is required for basic survival. She says the Quality Management System that is being promoted to the health sector is being used as a vehicle on which services in health will be improved.

“The standards that we are promoting are not different from what is available internationally—and by all means we want to ensure that the services that are offered to our patients within St. Lucia, meet the same level of standards as those they will access overseas. Likewise those that will be put on the overseas list—that they meet acceptable standards,” Dr. Plumber said.

The formulation of the Quality Management System, according to officials of the Ministry of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations, will enhance the process of overall reform of the island’s health sector and the formulation of a National Universal Health Care Programme. The system, according to Chief medical Officer Dr. Stephen King, has to thrive on an established framework that includes regulatory aspects relating to professionals, service providers and protocols of treatment and proper health information system.

“Our nurses, our doctor, our lab technicians, X-ray technicians and even cleaners are all professionals—what they are lacking is that framework that keeps them driving down a line that has management engaged in driving and giving them the resources and training that is necessary to keep them in a continuous quality improvement. It takes years but the health sector more than any other sector is ready now,” The Chief Medical Officer said.

The Universal Health Care Programme when established will ensure that Saint Lucians have access to quality health services, regardless of their financial status. The new system will be funded with a fixed consumption tax on goods. That proposed flat tax is a 3.5 percent - 4 percent increase on the environmental levy, which now stands at 1 percent – 1.5 percent. Basic goods such as food and clothing have been exempted. The tax will raise an estimated 30 million dollars, with government matching that amount as part of its overall contribution to health care.

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