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PM Anthony Makes another Plea on Behalf of the Homeless

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Friday, May 06, 2005 - Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony has again sounded a plea for families of persons housed at various homes on the island to show more interest in their welfare. Dr. Anthony was at the time addressing the handing over ceremony of a Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) project to the Cornerstone Humanitarian Society Thursday.

The St. Lucian Prime Minister says the families of the homeless should end their adopted philosophy of abandonment and life of isolation. Dr. Anthony said the lives of persons who are housed at any facility or shelter on the island can be easily enhanced by the frequent visits of their loved ones.

“Come and visit your friends here. Come and visit your relatives. Spare a special moment with them, it will mean the world to them because it will reconfirm that they’re important, that they have value and there is still a care for their welfare,” Dr. Anthony said.

The $240,000 PRF project included the construction of a female dormitory, repairs to the existing building and the erection of a green house to be used to generate income for residents of Cornerstone House. Director of the Shelter Juliet Brathwaite thanked Prime Minister Anthony for his generosity in allowing the facility to benefit from produce grown at his official residence at Vigie. She also expressed the hope that Cornerstone’s share of the Prime Minister’s Garden can go towards another organization, once its agricultural project had taken shape. Soon after entering into office in 1997 Prime Minister Anthony pledged to donate the produce of the vegetable garden at the official residence to Cornerstone and a number of other homes.

“This is for the participants; this is for those clients of ours who wish to be participants and some of the people from the Massade Boys Training Centre who will also be participating in the training. We hope they will stay with us for as long as they would like,” Brathwaite said.

Director of the Poverty Reduction Fund Donavan Williams expressed satisfaction with the completion of the project, which is managed entirely by the Society’s Management Committee.

“There was some initial hesitation, some initial fear but I have to say from our perspective the society and the committee that was established did a superb job. There is no other way about it absolutely superb,” Williams said.

Cornerstone receives an annual subvention of $50, 000 from the Government of Saint Lucia. This allocation was increased by $12, 500 for the fiscal year 2005 -2006 with a further increase by the same amount proposed for the fiscal year 2006/2007.

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