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Over Seven Million Dollar Loan Improvement Water Project for Saint Lucia

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 – The government of Saint Lucia has secured a seven point seven million dollar loan from the World Bank to improve the island’s water supply. Entitled the “Saint Lucia Water Supply Infrastructure Improvement Project”, it will include the upgrading of some major components of the country’s water supply system including the Roseau Dam Pumping System, the Theobalds Treatment Plant and the More Bocage Distribution Pipeline

The World Bank’s Public Information Associate based in Saint Lucia Miss Carleen Jules explains that through the Improvement Project two broad objectives will be achieved. “Number one, alleviate the water shortage in the north of the country which is the most densely and populated region of the island. Also in terms of infrastructure, works proposed will allow the utility to supply the entire north with a more efficient, continuous and reliable service.”

The second objective is to help implement urgent investments which will result in additional revenues, reduce the likelihood of commercial users; abandon the system and improve the potential of a successful partnership between the government of Saint Lucia and the private sector.

The World Bank Director for the Caribbean Caroline Anstey is of the view that a better water system will have important economic and social benefits for Saint Lucia. In fact the majority of Saint Lucians reside in the north of the island which is also the main area for tourism development. Ms. Anstey says that improved services will support economic growth and job creation as well.

The World Bank also sees improving access to water supply as essential for sustainable poverty reduction and critical for reaching the Bank’s Millennium Development Goals in 2015.

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