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NEMO urges public to address their tree problems

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Updates to Hurricane Frances

Weather Information Service Number

(758) 454-3452

Tuesday, March 1, 2005 – Many persons may think that it is too early in the year to be thinking of the Hurricane Season but NEMO wishes to advise persons that it is not the case.


Yet as of 3 December 2004 Professor Grey of the Colorado State University predicts the following for the 2005 Hurricane Season:

·        Named Storms 11

·        Hurricanes 6

·        Intense Hurricanes 3


On the vexing topic of trees NEMO advises that the time to start trimming trees is now and not when the warning of an approaching storm is given.


There are many instances where problems arise that prevent the speedy cutting of a tree and once again the time to start the resolution process is now.  Should this be the case then the process in Saint Lucia is enshrined in law, namely:


·        The section of the Criminal Code dealing with “Offences affecting public comfort, convenience, Health, safety and right of way, and use of public Places, water and works” and

·        The “Statutory Rule and Orders, 1978, No. 10 Public Health (Nuisances) Regulations” provide guidelines for dealing with trees.


It should also be borne in mind that should a tree be threatening an overhead line, the public may call LUCELEC or Cable and Wireless to enlist their assistance in addressing the hazard.


The 2004 Hurricane season was a deadly one, while during the 2003 Hurricane Season the first named storm formed in April.  As such NEMO is urging all Saint Lucians to address their tree problems now and not later.


Professor Grey forecast details are available at

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