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Coolie Town Road Construction Project coming

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 - The tiny community of Coolie Town situated in the Roseau Valley is expected to receive double benefits as a result of a long awaited road project in that community. Over thirty residents of Coolie Town and its environs are expected to gain employment under that project. Two roads will be constructed in the community under the technical guidance of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), which is providing funding via the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The two Coolie Town roads identified are, Indian Lane and Field Lane. The project was signed between the BNTF and the community on March 21st, 2005, after a lengthy period of consultation among the parties.

Vice President of the Coolie Town Development Committee, Ms. Angelina Eleuthere echoed the community’s appreciation and gratitude for the BNTF and the CDB’s assistance in finally realizing the project: “Not only that we should be excited that the roads are going to be repaired, we should be excited that some of us are going to be employed, even if it is for a short time. And it is so interesting to note that most of the labourers are women.

Project Manager of the Basic Needs Trust Fund, Clive Hippolyte said that of the over $250,000 earmarked for the project, some $50,000 have been set aside for wages, as the project will be implemented through community enterprise: “So we trust that you will ensure, with diligence, commitment and honesty that you will deliver the project within the six weeks or three fortnights the project is expected to take”.

Project Consultant, Oliver Scott, went on to urged community members to be diligent and committed to the project, given the CDB’s reluctance and apprehension regarding the community’s ability to undertake such a major initiative.

“I must tell you that the delay in starting that project was really because the Caribbean Development Bank did not think that the project should be undertaken by Community Enterprise for the extent of funding that it attracted. They felt safer if it was done by a contract award, which is understandable. But I remembered the expectations of the members of this community, and I remembered the way they looked forward to starting the project”, Mr. Scott said.

Mr. Hippolyte remarked that with the contracts having been signed, work on the two roads would begin in earnest, with BNTF and CDB officials, together with Coolie Town residents hoping to meet again in six weeks time to assess the results of the one-of-a-kind community initiative.


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