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Home Owners called up to take greater Precautionary Measures

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Updates to Hurricane Frances

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Contact: Julita Peter

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - Physical Planning and Housing Minister Honourable Ferguson John is appealing to home owners to take all precautionary measures to safeguard life and property during the hurricane season which officially began on June 01st.

This year the expectation is for heightened risk of flooding and landslides due to an active rainy season forecast for Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean for the period May to July.

The forecast is for wetter than normal conditions a trend which is expected to continue.

According to Minister John it is important that people constructing homes, adhere to the strict building process which calls for various safeguards to ensure buildings meet set criteria for their integrity, that homes are constructed not just magnificently but according to the island’s building codes.

“I think one of the things we have to be worried about this year particularly when you expect a lot of rains is guttering. A lot of people just build the homes and let the water flow from the roofs and they just fall, but this contributes very much to flooding; it affects the areas generally and there is need to ensure that water is not out of control and does not fall anywhere or go anywhere. That is very important and we expect people to pay general attention to the manner in which they build. I think the safest way to do it is to ensure you have Planning permission, your plans are approved and take the advice you are given,” he said

This year scientists have predicted an above-normal season with about thirteen named storms, seven of which will form hurricanes, and three of which are expected to be major hurricanes.

Persons are urged to listen to local weather reports and to pay particular attention to all tropical cyclone bulletins and advisories. The hurricane season for the North Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico ends on November 30th.


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