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Gov't receives advance copies of Revised Edition of Laws of St. Lucia

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Friday, June 17, 2005 - The Government of Saint Lucia has received the first the copies of the revised edition of the laws of Saint Lucia. Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony says Parliament in 2001, enacted legislation that would lead to the entire body of law coming under scrutiny, resulting in its modernization.

The last revision of the laws of Saint Lucia was conducted in 1957 with constant calls for updates and revisions going unheeded. Prime Minister Anthony says cognisant of Saint Lucia facing the full realities of globalization and its entry into the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) come 2006, the existing body of laws replete with errors, confusion and obsolete in some cases had to be changed.

Legal practitioners and the general public Dr. Anthony says have been disadvantaged having to comply and operate with a body of law that was rather outdated. He says it has been a daunting task sifting through and keeping pace with the maze of amendments to certain pieces of legislation over the years. Parliament at its last sitting on June 7th, 2005, in accordance with the legislation approved by resolution, a motion that allows the Attorney General to enact the appropriate order to indicate when these laws will come into force.

In order words, says Dr. Anthony, “the precise date when no longer we will be require to make use of the old laws of St. Lucia, revised in the 1950’s and the date when we will proceed to utilize in our justice system, the Courts, be it the High Court or Magistrate Court, indeed by all practitioners and individuals, this new authenticated revised body of laws.”

The revision was undertaken by United Kingdom (UK) based firm Eyre and Spottiswoode Limited with assistance from members of the Saint Lucia Bar Association and the Attorney General’s Office. Under the agreement for the ten (10) year project, the company will produce an electronic database of all existing laws of Saint Lucia. The formal presentation ceremony is carded for June 20th at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Vigie.

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