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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 – The Saint Lucia Fire Service will celebrate thirty one years of fire fighting this September and the Service is reporting satisfaction with the findings of its internal assessments.

Station Officer Godfrey Aimable says because of the nature of the job, constant planning and daily reviews have proven to be essential to the department’s professionalism. “Any time we have to mobilize staff to deal with any emergency with respect to any area, we would have what you call a debriefing session after the response where we look at our operations in terms of what actually transpired, because as you would know no two emergency situations are alike; so we would actually assess and see what problems we encountered - whether it be traffic, whether it be supplies and try to address those points where necessary.”

The St. Lucia Fire Service became an independent entity on the 14th of September, 1974. Previously the entity was known as the St. Lucia Fire Brigade and was defined as a unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

At this time the Service is said to have made meaningful strides over the years with respect to equipment, staff training and community relations. Mr. Aimable confirms that as a result there is much pride within the ranks of fire officers.

“This brings a certain level of satisfaction to us and it is manifested in the comments that we get from the public in terms of our responses and our efforts out there to save life and property. We always get good marks from the public for a job well done. So this can be used as a benchmark to judge whether the Fire Service has actually made strides.”

Currently the service men and women are participating in several courses aimed at enhancing their knowledge base and practical efficiency.

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