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CARICOM Presses for UN Reform

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005 - CARICOM has called for an overhaul and modernization of the global economic machinery to enable developing countries to cope with the challenges they are currently facing. The developing world is giving importance to the strengthening of the United Nations to place a greater focus on the issues of global development. CARICOM believes dialogue on the expansion of democracy throughout the world must commit the international system to the strengthening of the multilateral process to allow for a greater voice and participation of developing countries in the decision making process.

Prime Minister of Jamaica PJ Patterson who has lead responsibility for trade within CARICOM said the global situation has changed dramatically since the Second World War, which in itself led to the formation of the United Nations. As such he said the approach should be altered to match the present time.

“There is a need to address the issue of global systemic imbalances in such areas as trade, finance, money and technology and to reform the global architecture in a manner that would among other things enhance the voice and participation of developing countries in the decision making processes of the international financial institutions,” Patterson said.

Reform of the Security Council has been a dominant issue in UN reform, while CARICOM and developing states believe the preoccupation of larger countries with reform of the Security Council, is important Mr. Patterson said there are other areas which deserve no less attention.

“The need to create or strengthen national, sub-regional, regional and international mechanisms to predict, prevent or mitigate the destructive effects of the increasing event of natural disasters especially in vulnerable developing countries. I don’t have to stress for a Caribbean audience how important that is to us,” the Jamaican Prime Minister said.

The Caribbean Community has been paying close attention to several high level meetings being undertaken by richer countries including the G-Eight Summit currently underway in Edinburgh and the meeting of the G-Seventy-Seven and China which took place in Qatar in June.

Of special significance to CARICOM is the meeting of the African Union, which took place in Tripoli this week. Africa and the Caribbean account for 50 percent of the member states of the United Nation and it is believed their position on UN reform will be decisive.

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