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Monday, January 24, 2005 - The University of the West Indies School of Continuing Studies and Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC) is forging ahead with its Community Outreach Programme launched late last year.

As part of the Outreach Programme, the University Centre plans to play a contributory role in activities to mark Saint Lucia’s 26th Anniversary of Independence.

Co-ordinator of the Outreach Programme, Ms. Francilia Bernard said the institution was discussing the concept of hosting a series of lectures with the Cultural Development Foundation.

“The official launching of the lectures will take place on February 22nd , which is Independence Day. The lectures or the theme will revolve around Independence, Nationhood and Regionalism. A variety of lectures will be held between the months of February, and we’re looking at July Carnival, where we will incorporate lectures revolving also around the arts”, Ms. Bernard informed.

More collaboration initiated by the University Outreach Programme is to follow with other organisations in the community, among which will be a special project with the Saint Lucia National Trust.

“We are going to look at research in relation to Trust sites, and recruiting a researcher in the areas where research is lacking. We’re going to look at case studies focussing on specific aspects of the work that has already been done by the National Trust but has not been publicized or documented,” Ms. Bernard said.

Additionally, the University of the West Indies School of Continuing Education and Distance Education Centre has endorsed a number of courses conducted by local educational and training agencies, among which are the National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF), the Small Enterprises Development Unit (SEDU) and the Institute of Self Improvement Systems (ISIS).

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