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The Saint Lucia National Trust-moving forward in 2005

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Contact: Judy Deterville
The Saint Lucia National Trust
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Plans by the Saint Lucia National Trust to prepare the organization for the way forward will be discussed at its Annual General Meeting in March 2005.

From as far back as 1996, the Saint Lucia National Trust had begun to prepare the organization to face the emerging challenges of the 21st Century. The Saint Lucia National Trust Strategic Plan 1998-2007 was born from that intensive planning process, and is the policy framework which serves to guide the forward movement of the organization.

With the approval of the Plan, various Trust Councils have undertaken the management of the Trust in keeping with its aims and objectives. The current Trust Council has continued this work, by initiating a period of analysis and introspection with the view to restructuring the organization, rebuilding core internal competencies in addition to prioritizing strategic initiatives for implementation, with the achievement of the Trust’s mission at the core of these activities.

The Council members are: Chairman, Anderson Lake; Deputy Chairman, Sylvester Clauzel; Yves Renard, Cletus Springer, Ryan Rayman, Lydia Cox, Jennifer Gaston, Gregor Williams, Eric Branford and Earl Bousquet. The Trust is now poised to initiate full implementation of the change process in fulfilling its mandate.

A new Executive Director, Bishnu Tulsie, who has a background in sustainable development, was brought onboard to manage the process. His role will initially be to initiate the changes approved by Council and members, and at the same time define and implement strategic interventions consistent with the changing environment in which the organization functions. Key to this process will be a re-engagement of members and the establishment of strategic partnerships with national and regional organizations that share common goals and principles. The new Membership, Communications and Marketing Officer Judy Deterville will assist this process, along with the new Accountant Lloyd Jn. Pierre.

The Trust’s Mission calls upon the organization: “To conserve the natural and cultural patrimony of Saint Lucia with current and for future generations of Saint Lucians, by working as an effective advocate, educator and manager of sites through participation and collaboration”. This patrimony or our inheritance consists of physical (natural and built) and human (cultural and social) elements. It is in helping to conserve these assets that the Trust, the only organization with a national mandate to preserve both the natural and cultural heritage of St. Lucia, can make its most telling contribution to national development.

The Trust is fully committed to the principles of sustainable development, and will continue to strive to ensure that efforts aimed at improving the quality of life for Saint Lucians, strike a balance between current and future aspirations, as well as between the needs of people and those of nature. The Trust anticipates that every Saint Lucian will see the value of investing in the membership of the organization.

“We have invested the last two years in reshaping the organization and now look to a future of increased support and guidance from members and strategic partners to continue the process”, a statement from the organization said.

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