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Standards Bureau calls for continued high standard and quality

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Monday, January 10, 2005 - All partners engaged in the business of trading goods and delivering services are being called upon to continue to ensure that the highest standard and quality are met at all times.

Director of the Bureau of Standards, Dr. Allison Plummer said the new trading environment demanded that quality and standards become the pillars of economic growth and survival.

Dr. Plummer believes that the imminent implementation of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) should engender a new habit of making standards and quality, a normal part of business.

“Indeed, if Saint Lucia as a country is to strive for the level of excellence needed in this fierce environment, the principals that underpin quality and standardization must the span the breadth and depth of every social and economic sector of our country,” Dr. Plummer said.

The Director said that in the course of the New Year, the Bureau expected to realise significant progress towards making national standardization a reality.

“Whether you are an importer, retailer, manufacturer or you are in education, health care, agriculture, tourism, and importantly, in our own individual daily lives, let quality and standards be our philosophy for the new year,” she said.

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