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Rains Delay Start of Road Works

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Monday, January 10, 2005 - Continuous rainfall continues to delay the start of the Government’s major national road rehabilitation programme as scheduled by the Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities.


The Ministry says the continuous rains -- which have not ceased since January 3 -- have prevented its several crews from starting road repairs, particularly along the East Coast, where the road network is in a bad condition.


According to officials of the Ministry’s Roads Division, the extensive road rehabilitation programme, which will include construction and rehabilitation of roads in several parts of the island currently in a state of disrepair, had had to be put on hold because of the continuous rain.

Minister of Communications & Works, Hon. Felix Finisterre, said just before the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers this morning: “I am aware of the bad condition of the roads, especially the East Coast Road, which continues to be a source of concern to drivers and pedestrians alike.

“However, the rains have continued and this continues to make it impossible for us to begin the major road works as per schedule.”

The Minister said the unusual weather pattern would first have to subside in order for the road works to begin and he appealed to drivers, pedestrians and members of the general public to be a bit more patient.

“When the road works finally begin,” the Minister assured, “it will be a major exercise that will result in vast improvements to our entire national road network, much to the satisfaction of those who have been patient for so long while we sought funding for this comprehensive programme of road rehabilitation.”

Mr. Finisterre said the planned programme, which will be undertaken in phases, “will be one of the most extensive road construction, rehabilitation and repair programmes ever undertaken in this country over the past 25 years.”


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