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PM wants increased police presence on the streets

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 - With the issue of crime continuing to occupy the minds of law abiding citizens, Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony has challenged the police to take back the streets by increasing street patrol. The Prime Minister made the call in his New Year’s Address to the nation.

Dr. Anthony noted that despite all that had been done, no significant stride would be made in the fight against crime, unless the police force rid itself of corrupt officers, and a still largely-disappointed public was persuaded to trust the police.

“I know that the vast majority of our police officers are trying very hard. They want us to trust them and believe in them. They need our confidence and support. But let me make one thing clear. We cannot ever eliminate crime altogether. Crime can only be reduced and controlled. That is why this New Year, we will continue what has begun, but we will also take new steps”, the Prime Minister told the public.

Stressing that new legislation would be introduced in Parliament early this year, jointly with other OECS countries, Dr. Anthony said the legislation would empower judges of the Supreme Court to grant authority to the Director of Public Prosecutions, to intercept communications of drug dealers, whether by telephone or otherwise.

“I also want to see this year, a greater use of proceeds of Crime Act. There are people whose level of wealth is not supported by any legitimate or visible employment, and it is hoped that the Tax department and the police will send a strong message in 2005, that such persons will not be given the opportunity to use their ill-gotten wealth”, Dr. Anthony said.


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