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“Not One Cent” Spent on New Car for GG

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Monday, January 10, 2005 - The Office of the Prime Minister says it is not true that the Government of St. Lucia has expended “millions of dollars” to purchase a new BMW for the official use of the Governor General.

To the contrary, the Government says it has spent “not one cent” on the new BMW 7 Series recently assigned to Government House. Nor has it paid anything for a similar car assigned to the Prime Minister three years ago, for official state duties.

In a statement, the Office of the Prime Minister clarified that the new cars were assigned to the Governor General and the Prime Minister under an agreement between the Government of St. Lucia and the local agents for BMW, Prestige Auto Imports.

Under the agreement, which dates back to 1998, the local company, through Barbados-based BS&T Motors Inc, supplies the cars to the Government on behalf of the BMW company.

The two cars, each covered by a 36-month warranty, are assigned, one each to the Governor General and the Prime Minister, for three years, with normal wear and tear expected.

According to the agreement, at the end of the three years, each car is returned to Prestige Auto Imports and will be replaced by new ones for a similar period of 36 months.

After they are returned to the local dealers, the cars are retailed.

The Office of the Prime Minister says the only expenses accruable to the Government of St. Lucia in this arrangement with Prestige Auto Imports are for service, repairs and Motor Vehicle Insurance for the three year duration of the agreement.

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