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NIC consults with young and old to identify their needs

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005 - The social needs of youth at risk and older persons were combined under one umbrella on Thursday, January 26th, in an effort to discuss ways in which the National Community Foundation (NCF) can holistically help alleviate the concerns of both groups.

Addressing the opening of the NCF’s national consultation, Director of the NCF’s Board Miss Emma Hippolyte noted that both the old and young play integral roles in societal development. Miss Hippolyte said their needs should not always be addressed in isolation of the other, as dialogue between the two can be a productive exchange of ideas, particularly for NCF projects.

“What we have done is to invite representatives of various youth groups and groups dealing or serving older persons. We expected approximately one hundred persons and we believe it is important for them, because it is an opportunity to network, to understand what is happening in the area of youth and to understand what is happening in the areas of the elderly and to get them to start working together to improve the lot of both”, Miss Hippolyte said.

Throughout the consultation, persons were also briefed on how best to access funding and support from the respective committees responsible for NCF community projects.

“Last year we had the first group and that is the group for persons with disabilities. We had a good consultation and out of that quite a few projects were written and we helped with the funding. We expect a similar outcome out of today’s session and for the other groups we will be doing the same thing periodically”, Miss Hippolyte said.

Meanwhile, the NCF has also released its Annual Report for the financial year 2003/2004. The report details total assets in excess of $700,000, total grants awarded and total number of donors. In her report Director of the NCF Board Ms. Emma Hippolyte expresses gratitude to the 56 persons who volunteered their time to the NCF, as well as international, corporate and individual donors to the NCF Fund.

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