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Greater awareness of historic sites needed – Alice Bagshaw

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 - Proprietor of the Upper La Toc Military Battery, Alice Bagshaw has called upon the general public, in particular educators to assist in building greater awareness and appreciation for the island’s historic sites.

The Upper La Toc Military Battery located at La Toc is a Military Fort built by the British, which has been restored and preserved for its historic significance, housing several artefacts, including an 18-ton gun with a reach as far away as Rat Islet in Choc Bay.

Mrs. Bagshaw pointed out that few locals tend to visit historic sites, because of their perception that such sites are largely for viewing by tourists. She said however, that greater interest can be engendered in the island’s historic sites through activities, such as school field trips.

“Especially when the children come to visit, I think that it’s something that inspires other people to understand that the history of St. Lucia is important, and everybody needs to be participating in that”, Mrs. Bagshaw said.

Pointing to the need for publicity she said further, “One of the reasons I am happy that GIS is here is because I think it will be really wonderful for more schools and individuals to come … I think there are so many places in St. Lucia where there are historic artefacts that should be saved for our children’s children.”

The museum set St. Lucia apart from the rest of the region, by housing the only-known museum with approximately 900 bottles, some dated as far back as the 18th Century.


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