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St. Lucia Government Grants Landing Licence to Antilles Crossing

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005 - The Government of Saint Lucia has issued a submarine cable landing licence to Antilles Crossing (St. Lucia) Limited.


Antilles Crossing,(St. Lucia) Limited is a subsidiary of Antilles Crossing, LP, a joint venture between Light & Power Holdings Limited of Barbados and Leucadia National Corporation.  Antilles Crossing, LP plans to construct a state-of-the-art 40-gigabit per second (Gbps) network from St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands to Vigie Bay, Saint Lucia and subsequently to Needham’s Point, Barbados. 


Once constructed, the cable system will be able to transmit over three million simultaneous telephone calls—greatly expanding telecommunications and data capacity and quality in the Eastern Caribbean.


It is expected that telecommunications carriers in Dominica, Martinique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada will be able to microwave their signals to Saint Lucia for transport to networks around the world via Antilles Crossing.


Antilles Crossing received U.S. Federal Communications Commission approval to land the cable in St. Croix on January 15, 2004.  In addition, the company has received authority to land its fibre in Barbados and expects final regulatory approvals to operate the cable in February from the Government of Barbados.  Once the final approvals are received and Antilles Crossing has finished its final assessment of the regulatory environment, it will be in a position to begin construction. Once construction is started, the system is expected to be operational within seven to eight months.


The range of telecommunications services to be provided by Antilles Crossing will include:


·         Circuit-switched long distance at competitive prices;

·         International private line and data services, including bandwidth on demand;

·         High-speed fixed wireless Internet services;

·         Data warehousing, business continuity and disaster recovery services, and

·         Wholesale capacity to other carriers


The completion of the Antilles Crossing fibre will improve the competitive position of the new cellular carriers and help data and Internet users by removing service related problems such as signal latency (time lag) and packet loss resulting from satellite transmission. 



For further information please contact:


Mr. Frank McConney                            Mr. David Larsen

Antilles Crossing, LP                              Leucadia National Corporation               

Tel: 246 430 4210                                 Tel: 801 524 8540        


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