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PM expresses concern for the treatment of elderly persons

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005 - Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony has expressed concern about how the nation’s elderly is being treated by society and in particular, their families. Dr. Anthony, using the platform of his weekly radio address, Conversation With the Nation, said what was particularly worrisome was the large number of elderly persons living alone, often unattended.

“Many tell me, with sadness in their eyes and their voices, that they have children who, unfortunately, for whatever reasons, have turned their backs on them. Some complain that they feel abandoned, left alone to fend for themselves. Some admit that their children have jobs – in some cases well-paying jobs – but they offer little support. Not unusually, some even apologize for their children. They explain that their children have their own families to look after, so they are unable to offer them much help,” Dr. Anthony told the nation.

The Prime Minister questioned the notion of ‘how son or daughter could abandon their own mother or father – or even a grandmother or grandfather for that matter.’ Dr. Anthony said this kind of attitude towards the elderly must be radically examined. He said the elderly should not be seen as miserable or troublesome old people.

“To date, this Government has either built or repaired 280 homes for elderly persons throughout St. Lucia. We have abolished the payment of Property Tax for persons who are in receipt of NIS pensions. We have increased the subventions to the homes that look after our elderly. Since being in office, we have increased the amounts of Public Assistance – and we will do it again. To be sure, more can be done and more will be done, by this Government, as time progresses,” Dr. Anthony assured.

Dr. Anthony said younger folks must realise that they too, will get old someday and wouldn’t want to be treated that way.

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