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Measures in place to detect and control water loss

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Monday, February 07, 2005 - Government has announced measures to stem the loss of some 4 million gallons of water per-day as a result of illegal connections and possibly damaged mains below the ground.

Minister for Public Utilities Honourable Felix Finisterre said a number of bulk meters had been acquired and would help determine where the unaccounted-for water is going.

“The meters are already on island. The award has already been granted and in that way, we will be able to do two things - detect and determine where this water is going, how it is being lost, the quantum of it and therefore, we will be able to take steps at both the individual meters and the domestic level, and the bulk metering process to stem that problem,” Minister Finisterre said.

The Minister said some $54,000 was being lost by the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASCO) per-day as a result and does much to slow down plans by the company to improve its service on the island. He informed that the bulk metering process would not account for all the water being loss, but would enable WASCO to deal with present cash flow problems, and allow it to secure funding to deal with the many issues that continue to plague its operations.

“The more enlightening from the World Bank Mission is their willingness to consider forthwith as a short term loan, an immediate injection of cash into WASCO of some $4.5 to $5 million dollars to do some critical works,” Minister Finisterre said.

Those works he informed would involve increased pumping capacity from the Roseau Dam to the 20 inch pipeline dedicated to getting water to the North of the island. In that process some 15 to 20 miles of pipeline of varying sizes which hamper the free-flow of water from the Dam into the T R Theobalds Treatment Plant at Ciceron would be eliminated. The capacity of the Ciceron Plant will also be increased in order to reduce the problems with water shortages on the island.

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