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Friday, February 25, 2005 - The Bureau of Standards wrapped up a two-day training exercise at their Bisee Offices this week, aimed at building the technical capacity of OECS Metrology Units.

The activity funded by the Caribbean Trade and Economic Competitiveness Project (C-TRADECOM) is part of a wider programme aimed at addressing the issues of competitiveness and trade expansion. It also helps position Caribbean countries to compete in the global economy.

“What we are trying to do is to impart them at least some basic knowledge and some skills so they can do the calibration and verification of some of the weighing and measuring devices that will be used for trade in particular scales, weighbridges and petrol pumps, so that at least there will be some sort of consumer satisfaction”, said Bertrand Harnanan, consultant to the project.

Metrology or the science of measurement is critical to economic development, as it provides the technical means to ensure correct measurements. The Caribbean region has recognized that accurate measurement is a key component in supporting fair trade and the protection of the consumer, Mr. Harnanan said.

According to him, “a lot of work has to be done in terms of metrology. Some of these countries have just enacted the metrology legislation, which means that they are now putting in place things like the equipment, buildings and getting their staff trained. St. Lucia is one of the countries that have gone a little bit ahead; they have the metrology lab and they have metrology officers”.

The exercise was attended by locals who sell, repair or adjust weights or use weighing devices, flow meters and volume measures in trade.

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