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Police Say Gun Recovery Programme Slows Down Homicide Rate

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Thursday, December 29, 2005 - The Police High Command says the apparent slow-down in the islandís homicide rate may be a direct result of the success of their programme for the recovery of illegal weapons.

With less than 48 hours to go, the islandís homicide rate stands at 36 Ė one less than the 37 recorded last year. Thatís very much unlike most other CARICOM countries, where this yearís murder rates have long surpassed that of last year.

This is particularly so in Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica, where published statistics indicate that the homicide rates up to yesterday stood at 380 persons killed in Trinidad & Tobago and 1,647 Jamaicans killed since January 2005.

According to well-placed sources here, the Commissioner and the Police top brass are of the view that the successful recovery of illegal firearms from the streets has greatly contributed to the slower homicide rate in St. Lucia.

Under the programme, persons are paid up to EC $2,500 for the successful recovery of an illegal weapon. Their identities are protected and informants are paid from public funds.

The Police have confirmed that so far, 201 illegal guns have been recovered under the programme.


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