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Scrutineers' Role only to Observe Enumeration Process

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony has reiterated that the use of scrutineers in the upcoming enumeration process will safeguard the integrity of the exercise. In his weekly radio address ‘Conversation with the Nation’ Prime Minister Anthony said the inclusion of the Opposition will ensure the objective of fairness in the enumeration process is realised.

However Dr. Anthony said the term “Opposition”, is clearly defined in the Saint Lucia constitution.

“The St. Lucia constitution as has been explained time and time again, neither recognizes nor makes provision for political parties. As such, provision is made for the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, to undertake constitutional duties and functions. So it is therefore, left to the opposition parties to work with the Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Marcus Nicholas, to find a formula whereby their parties involved in the process of selecting scrutineers.”

Eighty-eight scrutineers, according to Dr. Anthony, will be appointed mainly as observers in the enumeration process; half will represent government and the other half the Opposition.

“You may be asking why 88 when we only have 86 polling stations. This is because two of the polling stations are too large to have only one scrutineer. The main function of the scutineers will be to accompany the enumerators to the polling divisions to which they have been assigned. They will also be expected to sign Certificates of Enumeration issued by enumerators during the house-to-house exercise.”

Prime Minister Anthony says scrutineers are not to interfere in the enumeration process and any such irregularities are to be recorded and reported to the electoral department. The Enumeration Process is expected to correct inadequacies in the present voters list, which was last reviewed in 1979.

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