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PM Tells Residents to Take Community Ownership

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 – Residents of Veiux Fort have been charged with taking community ownership for the buildings, services and amenities that are placed in their communities. Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, speaking at the recent opening of the Vieux Fort Fire Station, reminded residents of the high cost of the two million dollar facility now entrusted to their care.

Dr. Anthony said just as it is government’s responsibility to respond in an effective manner to demands for better and decentralized services, so is it the responsibility of the people to ensure the facility is kept in a pristine condition, safe from abuse and vandalism.

“If you see individuals damaging public property, that is to say your property, you have a responsibility to take action, and alert authorities to the damage that is being caused. Never ever forget that these buildings add to the ambience of your community. They make a statement about your community; they make a statement about you.”

The Prime Minister who is also Minister for Finance said the mindset that government has unlimited access to funds is inaccurate and must be replaced with a strong sense public pride and appreciation.

The prime minister said a new attitude of community responsibility will enable government to forge ahead with the business of equipping communities to deliver the highest standards of services to an expanding tourism industry. He referred the recent opening of the Coconut Bay Resort in Vieux Fort and the imminent construction of the Le Paradis Hotel and Resort in Praslin and the Sapphire Cove Resort in Laborie.

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