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Prime Minister Anthony Defends Government's approach to Funding Solid Waste Management

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Monday, April 04, 2005


Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony says the Environmental Protection Levy enacted in 1999 remains the best option in dealing with the issues of garbage collection and disposal on the island. 


Dr. Anthony who dealt with the issue on his weekly radio address “Conversation with the Nation” says those who oppose the measure have yet to identify a better alternative. 


Government, he says, has attempted to simplify the island’s tax system by abolishing nuisance taxes, improving efficiency of the tax collection and ensuring greater equity among tax payers.   Dr. Anthony cited the “The Environmental Levy” as a good example of this approach.


“Under this Act an amount is charged, levied and collected on certain goods imported into the country.  In this way all citizens contribute indirectly to garbage collection and disposal.  “Ask those who oppose the Environmental Levy how they propose to fund garbage collection and disposal.  What’s the alternative?  Ask them.”  said Dr. Anthony.



Dr. Anthony says the approach created by the former administration to impose a household levy on the utility bills of citizens would have been disastrous.


“Consider for a moment the implications for this approach.  What would happen to garbage collection if a house owner did not pay their utility bill?  Surely it’s not only households that generate waste.  All consumers generate wastes including those who travel on mini-buses. What about household without electricity or water? Does that mean they should not contribute to Garbage disposal?” Dr. Anthony asked.


In simplifying the tax system, government has moved away from direct taxation to indirect taxation such as customs duties.  Further Dr. Anthony says in reducing personal income tax, the worker or tax payer will have greater control of their income.

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