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Perpetrators of the Drug Trade Warned of Intensification in Punishment

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 - Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Kenny Anthony has drawn the attention of the nation to the possibility of amending the constitution, to intensify punishment for perpetrators of the drug trade.

Dr. Anthony pinpointed the link between gangs, drugs and crimes, lamenting that despite the far reaching ravages caused by the drug trade on the lives of persons, drug traffickers seem to be getting away with murder. The prime minister was at the time speaking during his weekly Radio programme , “Conversations with the Nation”.

“I therefore ask; if the consumption of drugs is so addictive, and if persons are losing their lives through drugs, then should those who traffic in drugs be allowed to get away with just incarceration in prison? Shouldn’t they too be liable for damages for causing the death of others? After all they make the killer drugs available, If the consumption of drugs lead to death and creates such loss of life, aren’t the same drug dealers also responsible? Shouldn’t we amend our laws to penalize such persons more seriously?”

Dr. Anthony also highlighted the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol use, while expressing concern for the number of young people who fall victim to cocaine addiction. “At some point in your community, some young persons, spaced out, dirty, shoddily dressed and begging of for help or food. You must also have seen the number of young people who gather in various places doing nothing but selling, buying and consuming drugs.

All Citizens are being called upon, to display their responsibility to their families and communities by conducting themselves in ways that will assist in the fight against drugs.


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