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Tuesday, August 31, 2004 - The Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat recently voiced concern about an increasing number of mentally disturbed young persons roaming the streets of the city, and communities. Officer in Charge of the Substance Abuse Advisory Council Secretariat Elizabeth Serieux Wilson says a mechanism must be activated so that persons can be taken off the streets and receive the help they need. Otherwise she says, the problem could spiral out of control.

You can call out the sidewalks that if you walk you will see two or three people who have quite happily taken up residence there and that is not helping any body. It might look like a small that has nothing to do with you if you just drive past and you dont stop and walk on the street and its very pervasive and it has an effect on every area of society life.

She notes that situation must also be examined in the context of public safety, as some of those street persons display erratic behaviour. Its not just an issue of simple drug addiction, but also mental instability induced by drug addiction as well because they are very co-occuring. Mental disorders and substance abuse is something that we need to look at and treat.

Mrs. Wilson further notes that as a tourism based economy such issues must be tackled at an early stage.


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