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Young people are the Cornerstone of Nation Building

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Monday, February 24, 2003 - Chief Education Officer and member of the Standing National Independence Anniversary Committee, Fortuna Anthony-Husbands says that preparation and participation for activities commemorating the 24th Anniversary of Independence, was a big challenge for those within the school system.

She revealed “Behind the scenes we have to put in numerous structures and the coming together to bring this production has been a long haul on the teachers and the education officers, within each district. It meant bringing the district education officers together and then bringing the uniform groups together, so having several meetings and speaking to persons and trying to explain that they should work with the kind of time frame that we gave to them I must say that I am not too disappointed with the outcome of today.”

According to Anthony Husbands the role of the youth in the process of nation building will continue to be the cornerstone of the education system. “When I look at the various groups and when I look at what education is attempting to do for the young people of St Lucia, I think we are making remarkable strides. We have our young people involved especially when you look at what we are attempting to do within the school system – making sure that we have youth groups, making sure that the young people take part and become part of the vision of their school,” said Anthony-Husbands. She indicated that she is committed to making an even greater effort next year to produce a spectacular 25th Anniversary of Independence.

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