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Women called to develop spirituality in their daily lives

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Tuesday, March 18, 2003 - Monday, March 17, 2003 - The Ministry for Home Affairs and Gender Relations convened an International Women’s Day forum last Friday, for a wide cross section of women at all levels in society. The Forum was dubbed: “Women Facing the Challenges of a Changing Society – Women Reclaiming Their Spirituality.”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Gender Relations, Marcia Philbert Jules, says women need to be encouraged to develop a sense of spirituality so that they can better contribute to the development of a more wholesome and peaceful society. The Permanent Secretary declared that women must reclaim their spirituality despite the many challenges they may face and allow God into their lives.

“This focus at this time is very deliberate. We live in very challenging times, so much is changing and so fast,” said Philbert Jules to the many women present. “As you link your will with the higher will, you will gain more awareness of the path of humanity’s evolution and your part in it,” she added.

Meantime, Minster for Gender Relations, Honourable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, continued to attack the existence of strip clubs on the island. She told the gathering of women that it is well known that those establishments are nothing more than brothels, which is illegal, under the Criminal Code of St.Lucia.

“This is about morality, but not just about this. What about the scientific proven link between these activities and other form of sexual deviance, which eventually lead to cases like Gesel’s and Tricia’s and Verlinda’s deaths, and all the other cases of child abuse. And what about the numerous human rights violations of the women who are trafficked to prostitute and strip so that men can make money off them.”

The Minister reiterated her call for the Office of the Attorney General and the Police to take action against those illicit activities.

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