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Victoria Hospital Gets Additional Attention

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Contact: Rose Marie Harris

Victoria Hospital Water TankMonday, October 20, 2003 - The island’s major health institution - the Victoria Hospital - is now receiving needed attention. On October 17, 2003, a water reservoir was handed over to officials of the Ministry of Health. The reservoir will ensure that in the event of a water shortage, the hospital will continue to receive regular quality water over a nine day period.

Minister for Health Honourable Damian Greaves says, a number of enhancement and improvement projects are now underway at the health institution. “You now have the water tank. You are now experiencing the laying of underground electrical cable as part of another disaster mitigation situation. You are also looking at the refurbishment of the radiology department, the tiling and roofing of Ward Six have been completed, and now we want to tackle the physical works for both the Accident and Emergency Department and the Paediatric Ward,” Minister Greaves said.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Physical Development, Environment and Housing Martin Satney expressed great satisfaction with the completion of the project, as it was coordinated by the Project Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Physical Development, Environment and Housing.

“This intervention is one of great significance both to the Victoria Hospital, the Ministry of Health, and also to the people of Saint Lucia, because it seeks to ensure the continuity in operations and business at the Victoria Hospital. Even more importantly, it seeks to ensure business continuinity in times of disaster - be it during a storm or hurricane, mass casualty, emergency situations or simply the occasional water problem that the water service provider may experience - we want to ensure that the provision of health services to the community is sustained,” said Satney.

The Victoria Hospital Water Reservoir Project was funded by the World Bank and the Government of Saint Lucia.


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