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St. Lucia Records increases in visitor arrivals from US markets

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Contact: John Emmanuel

Tuesday, July 15, 2003 - Tourism officials are reporting significant increases in visitor arrivals to the island from one of their major markets; that of the United States. According to Tourism Director Hilary Modeste, heightened and targeted marketing initiatives have begun paying off with figures for the first six months of this year, showing a three (3) percent growth rate over the previous year.

Modeste says there is much optimism that the figures will continue to rise as the Tourist Board moves closer to its goal of getting back to the levels of visitor arrivals which peaked in 2000.

“In fact, when I look at the figures the only months in the year 2003 where we had declines out of the US market were the months of February and March which coincided with the war in Iraq. All the other months including the month of June, where we recorded our highest increase of 9.6%, are out of the US market,” he said.

Travel agents provide eighty (80) percent of the business coming to St. Lucia even with the advent of internet bookings. Meantime as a further commitment to US based travel agents, the Tourist Board will institute a Specialist Programme later this year. “The aim of the programme is to educate travel agents on the destination through intensive information packed seminars as well as farm-trips to the island, after which the travel agents will receive their certification as St. Lucia-Specialists,” said Modeste.

A memorandum of understanding which was signed between the Institute of Certified Travel Agents and the St. Lucia Tourist Board is expected to take effect in six months.

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